End Grain Chopping Board with Lip

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Our stunning lipped end grain chopping board features a overhanging lip for added stability

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    Please state how deep you want the lipped edge to overhang. We would recommend the same depth as your worktop 


Our stunning lipped end grain chopping board features a overhanging lip for added stability

The lipped edge has now been added to our selection of end-grain chopping boards. For a good long while, we have made a long-grain chopping board with a lipped front edge to help grip the worktop and keep your cutting board still. Ideal for working with dough, cutting hard vegetables and general carving. Our handmade End Grain cutting boards with lipped edges are constructed from the finest Amish American hardwood American White Oak or North American Black Walnut. This cutting board, in particular, has to be one of the finest worktop savers we currently make.

What’s special about our end grain chopping boards…? These high-quality chopping boards are designed to be extremely long-lasting and also kinder to your knife’s edge. This is because when your knife cuts down on an end grain chopping board it passes between the fibres of the wooden chopping board, the fibres then close up again once the blade is removed. It’s not difficult to see why these chopping boards are the No.1 choice for professional chefs and butchers.

No matter which timber you choose, either the warm honey blonde colour of the oak or the rich dark chocolate colour of the walnut, both timber are very beautiful when set out in the butcher’s block pattern, you really see all the contours of the grain when the timber is turned on its side.

Overhang Depth:

Once you have chosen your chopping board size you can then tell us how deep you want the lipped edge to overhang. We would recommend taking the time to measure the thickness of your worktop and choose the same depth for the lip. Most wooden worktops are around 4cm thick and most stone and granite tops are between 25 – 30mm. This will give a continuous uninterrupted look to your chopping board when in situ when in your kitchen. This will also make sure the overhanging lipped edge of your chopping board does not interfere with drawer or door openings.

All natural food safe oil:

All of our wooden chopping boards are treated with several coats of all natural Vegan rated food safe chopping board oil. There is nothing harmful in our oils, no hardeners or solvents, no bi-products, just 100% non-toxic natural plant based oils. Meaning our chopping boards are perfectly safe to use and we would have it no other way. This does mean aftercare and regular oiling is essential to keep your chopping board protected.


These lipped chopping boards are available blank or with an engraving of your choice using words or lettering. Up to 20 characters on the front face or 40 characters over two lines if you need extra text. Perfect for family names and dates, a special message or a favourite quote. You can also add carved hearts, stars and other engraved motifs like zodiac signs.


Large: 5cm x 30cm x 40cm (2” x 12” x 16”)

XLarge: 5cm x 40cm x 50cm (2” x 16” x 20”)

Bespoke Chopping Boards:

We also make wooden chopping boards to order. Take a look at some of your images below to see what unique worktop savers previous customers have ordered. To discuss your requirements, please get in touch.

Estimated Delivery Time:

7-10 working days. Please be aware this can change daily. If you require an item to be made by a specific date please contact us.

Please Note:

All engravings are in capitals. For lower case lettering, this can be requested at the time of order. Please add this to the note section at checkout or you can contact us via email or phone. All sizes are approximate.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 12 cm

Large 30cm x 40cm, XLarge 40cm x 50cm