Live Edge Chopping Board

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A stunning handcrafted Live Edge (natural edge)  chopping board for your kitchen

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    This will be engraved underneath your chopping board.
    This will be engraved underneath your chopping board.
    This will be engraved underneath your chopping board.
    This will be engraved underneath your chopping board.


We have created these live edge chopping boards for those of us who want a really good quality rustic chopping board. If you are a fan of Saturday Kitchen, you will know the kind of board I mean.

Unlike other rustic kitchen boards on the market, these live edge chopping boards are sourced from a local historic country estate. These organic wooden chopping boards will vary in size and shape, depending on the English oak tree they were sawn from. Each piece is hand-selected by us for its natural beauty, then prepared and finished by hand in our workshop to order. You will not a find a natural edge chopping board made of this quality and finished to such a high standard. If you love that rustic, organic feel to your chopping board – this is the one for you.

Concerning Bark:

Our Live Edge chopping boards will feature no bark along the live edge, just simply the natural edge with the bark removed. For two reasons, firstly because the bark is were insects and worms live, so best it is not included in a kitchen preparation board. The other reason is that once the timber has been thoroughly dried in a kiln, the bark tends to fall off, if not during this process then later on once you begin using and washing the board.


These live edge chopping boards come in three thicknesses: 3cm and 5cm thick and a whopping 7cm thick. Individually suited for your personal needs.

Click here for much larger Natural Edge Chopping Boards 

Personalise your Chopping Board:

Live edge chopping boards are available blank or can also be personalised with your choice of words or letting. Up to 20 characters on the square edge. You can also add carved symbols like hearts, stars and other engraved motifs like zodiac signs. 

We can also engrave a secret or personal message for you on the underside of your live edge chopping board, making it that little bit extra special. Something like a reading from your wedding day, a favourite poem or quote, something witty or just something secret you don’t want anyone else to see – but you know it’s there.


– 2.5cm x 25cm x 40cm approximately  (1” x 10” x 16”)

– 5cm x 25cm x 40cm approximately  (2” x 10” x 16”)

– 7cm x 25cm x 40cm approximately  (3” x 10” x 16”)

Estimated Delivery Time:

Live edge chopping boards will be delivered within 7-10 working days. Please be aware this can change daily. If you require an item to be made by a specific date please contact us.

Please Note:

Our Live edge boards are all made to order.

All engravings are in capitals. For lower case lettering, this can be requested at the time of order. Please add this to the note section at checkout or you can contact us via email or phone. All sizes are approximate, especially as this is a large, one-piece board, the width can be anywhere between 25cm and 30cm.

Please also be aware, as these are a 1 piece board, they are prone to some movement and developing splits and small cracks. There will also be evidence of natural activity of woodworms and holes in the live edge and surrounding area. We may choose to fill these in with a wooden coloured filer. If there are any left behind you wish to fill, this can done with filled using wood coloured wax. This can be purchased from us or most DIY shops. If you need any assistance with this, please contact us or take a look at your case guide supplied with the board. Any splits found during manufacture will be filled by us. Small clear rubber feet will be supplied for all our large live edge boards. We recommend you use these to allow airflow underneath the board to keep the chopping board from warping and stop it slipping on your kitchen worktop.

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2.5cm thick, 5cm thick, 7cm thick